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Buckner Research & Development

Carrol Buckner, the inventor of the legendary Buck Stove, made the pot-bellied stove obsolete.
He then went on to invent the corn stove in 1985. Technology that provided a safe, clean, affordable heat from America’s fastest growing renewable source of energy, shelled field corn. A corn stove that is still heating many homes today.

Our continuous testing and endless research have opened the door to this exciting industry and we look forward to bringing new products in the future.

What do we do?

Buckner R & D invents and creates innovative heating and cooking systems. These products are the most unique and versatile systems developed in over 40 years.

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Buckner R&D

Sustainable & Affordable

As our forests, oil and other energy sources decrease, corn is replenished annually and is a risk managed world commodity. Some of the benefits are:

No Gas Fumes
No Creosote or Chemicals
Taste the Food, Not the Fumes
Safe, No Explosive Hazards
One Gallon Cooks up to 7 Hours