Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions (FAQ). Click on a question to view to answer. If you still have additional questions, please contact us here.

The corn should be about 15% moisture content or lower.

Corn can be stored in bags, barrels, or large trashcans.

In any town in America, corn can be purchased from your local farmer, feed store or Farmers’ Co-op.

Lighting the Buckner Corn Stove is very simple. Place wood pellets in the burner box and saturate them with starter gel, then light. Shut the door, turn the stove to the ON position and feed control to 2.

No. These units do not need a chimney; they can be vented directly through a combustible wall or into an existing chimney.

Our stoves will burn wood pellets. Corn burns hotter, safer, and cleaner. We do not recommend wood pellets.

There is a one year warranty on all electrical parts and three years on the stove itself.
We have stoves running in the field since 1985 and still going.

Cleaning is very simple. The unit should be shut down once a month and cleaned well to maintain maximum efficiency.

  1.  Corn burns 20% hotter than wood pellets
  2.  It is safer
  3.  It is cleaner
  4. It is a renewable source of energy that renews itself annually