Why Corn?

As our forests, oil and other energy sources decrease, corn is replenished annually and is a never ending energy source. Corn is friendly to the environment. It contributes oxygen to the atmosphere while growing and it poses no safety or pollution hazards. Corn is in abundant supply and is universally available. It’s easy to envision corn as the energy source of the future.
Buckner Research and Development has been successful in developing technologies for efficiently burning corn and other grains as an energy source without requiring any additional processing.
Product development using this process has evolved to the point of using the grain-fired energy system in hearth and heating appliances and cooking grills for individual consumer use.

  • World Commodity – Risk Managed

  • Well Established Supply Chain

  • Cost – $6.89 per therm (1 MM BTU)

  • Renewable – 120 per crop

  • CO2 Budget – 484 lbs. per ton

  • Economical – >75% less than propane

  • Safe – Nontoxic

  • Clean Emissions

Buckner Research & Development corn field